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Between the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean lies a tropical expanse of endless beaches, mountain ranges, and plateaus, crisscrossed by an intricate meandering of rivers. The region is as diverse as it is breathtaking.

This is South India.

Encompassing the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana, South India is a land with unique cuisine.

The food is light yet nourishing, subtle yet spicy and the combination of rice, coconut, lentils, and local spices give South Indian cuisine a distinctive taste easily differentiated from any other region of India.


All the food on this menu are prepared without using gluten, nuts, peanuts, sesame, celery, lupin, molluscs and sulphites. Our standard operating procedure ensures that all the ingredients we use in our kitchen are always free from these allergens.

With the exception of gluten, please note that some of the products we procure may have been packaged in facilities that also handle some of these allergens.


Rajini Kan

A lovely assortment of Vegetarian, chicken, lamb & prawn starters to kick off with.

Flame Cooked

A magnificent selection of seafood, meat and cottage cheese specialities, marinated and flame cooked on a skewer and served with a light garnish. A starter to share or a main course by itself.

Pedda Royyalu

Fresh jumbo tiger prawns with a light marinade of ginger, garlic, cumin and crushed bay leaves. An undeniable splendour of the seas. 34.95

Meen Chuttatu

Soft and juicy Scottish monkfish, assorted peppers, a delightful marinade and a slight charring to bring out its unique flavour. 23.95

Meen Rost

Grilled Scottish salmon with aromatics, spiced yoghurt and chunks of assorted peppers. A taste of South India’s calm coastal backwaters. 22.50

Varutha Koli

Soft succulent chicken breast with a hot yet subtle coating of ginger, garlic and red chillies. 16.50

Varutha Attukari

Slow roasted lamb fillet with a gentle marinade of herbs, spices and coconut underlying its superb flavour. 19.95

Palkatti Pollichathu

Slices of cottage cheese and mixed peppers marinated with flavourful herbs, yoghurt and coconut. 14.95

Theeyil Chutta Sangamam

A majestic assortment of flame cooked monkfish, lamb and chicken. Serves Two 39.95

Sauces on the side

Recommended when ordered as a main.


An intense fiery sauce abundant in garlic and crushed red chillies. 4.95


A herby sauce of coriander, mint leaves and coconut. Fresh and fulfilling. 4.95


A mild and flavoursome sauce of onions, tomatoes and turmeric with coconut milk. 4.95

The Classics

Among South India’s breathtakingly vast food culture are a few standard-bearers that signify its uniqueness. These dishes, with its hundreds of regional variations, are commonly enjoyed by millions all across South India.

Idli Vada

The Idli is a steamed rice cake made from a batter of fermented lentils and finely ground rice.

A Vada is a savoury fritter shaped like a doughnut and made of ground lentils, herbs and spices.

Idli Sambhar

Idli soaked in Sambhar and served with Thengai Chutney on the side. 16.50

Vada Sambhar

Vada soaked in Sambhar and served with Thengai Chutney on the side. 16.50

Idli Vada Sambhar

Idli and Vada soaked in Sambhar and served with Thengai Chutney on the side. 16.50


These are thick pancakes of ground rice and lentils, usually served with a topping. Always served with Sambhar and Thengai Chutney.

Masala Uttapam

An uttapam topped with a mixture of grated coconut, red onions, tomatoes and green chillies. 17.95


Large crêpes made from a batter of finely ground rice and lentils, dosa are usually served with a variety of different regional fillings. Indigenous to and a staple dish of the Southern Indian region, the humble dosa has hundreds of different variations and can be traced back over two thousand years.

Always served with Sambhar & Thengai Chutney

Masala Dosa

A dosa with a traditional savoury spiced potato filling. A classic South Indian dish. 16.50

Palkatti Masala Dosa

Spicy Chutney

Add a spicy spreading of Mysore chutney to the dosa for that extra heat. 3.50


A centuries-old recipe of basmati rice, slow-cooked with various meats, seafood or vegetables. The essence of its taste comes from the addition of fried onions, yoghurt, fresh herbs, botanical oils and numerous exotic spices and aromatics. The biryani is traditionally served with Pachadi to balance the strong yet subtle flavours.

Yera Biryani

Sambhar – Seasonal vegetables, lentils, tamarind and roasted spices, stewed together create this most popular South Indian staple.

Thengai Chutney – Made from fresh coconut, herbs and spices, this chutney is one of the most common condiments in Southern India.

Pachadi – Cucumber soaked in refreshing cool yoghurt, flavoured with cumin, mustard seeds and coriander.

Poultry, Lamb & Seafood

Pick of the Poultry

Poondu Koli

A fiery chicken dish with the intense heat of red chillies complemented with ginger and plenty of garlic. Not for the faint-hearted! 16.50

Mysore Chilli Koli

Chicken cooked in a blend of onions, tomatoes, coconut milk and green chillies — from the old Kingdom of Mysore. 16.50

Chettinad Koli

With intense flavours of freshly ground spices and gently warming black pepper, this chicken dish is a speciality of the Chettiar spice traders. 16.50

Kozhi Stew

An intensely flavoured dish of chicken stewed with coconut milk, potatoes, carrots, exotic spices and aromatics — an evolution of a dish brought to the shores of Kerala in the 1500s by Portuguese sailors. 16.50

Kori Mangalorean

This delicious chicken preparation contains a charming mixture of different fragrant spices combined with the mild richness of coconut milk. 16.50

Treats of Lamb

Masa Kondhapur

This hot lamb preparation is typical of the cuisine of Kondhapur known for its richness and liberal use of red chillies. 18.50

Venchina Mamsam

Fresh ginger and a touch of black pepper to bring out the taste of lamb in this time-tested recipe from Andhra Pradesh. 18.50

Erachi Mappas

Rich and full of flavour, these are soft succulent lamb chops simmered with onions, tomatoes and coconut milk. An old favourite of the Syrian diaspora of Kerala. 19.50

Mamsam Nilgiri

From the forested hill stations of Ooty, this herby lamb dish of mint and coriander is wholesome and so refreshing! 18.50

Atterachi Thengai Kari

The fragrant aroma of cardamom and fennel, the richness of coconut milk and the tenderness of lamb make this dish a delight to the senses. 18.50

The Ocean’s Lure

Yetti Masala

Fresh jumbo tiger prawns, lightly fried and cooked in a thick flavorful sauce of onions, tomatoes and coconut. 28.95

Meen Pulli

This quintessential dish from the Malabar coast has Scottish monkfish in a spicy, tangy sauce of tamarind and red chillies. 23.95

Kuttanadan Konju

A Keralan prawn curry with ginger, garlic, tomato, red chilli and coconut.  21.95

Meen Moilee

Fresh Scottish monkfish stewed with coconut milk, onions, tomatoes and lemon. A dish with immaculate spice and flavour. 23.95

Chemmeen Kari

A delicate preparation of king prawns, coconut, ginger and curry leaves. Wonderfully subtle yet arresting. 21.95

Homemade Paneer

There is a Scottish version of this ancient means of cheese making called crowdie, as there probably is everywhere there is milk, but paneer is something else. Rather like cottage cheese, it has a crumbly texture and dense freshness that gives strong flavours — a tendresse and a richness all of its own. At The Dakhin this paneer is made in the traditional, and, it has to be said, painstaking way.

Palkatti Chettinad

Homemade paneer and mushrooms cooked with onions, intensely flavoured with black pepper. 15.50

Telengana Palkatti

A mild preparation of homemade cottage cheese with coconut milk blended with onion, tomatoes and mustard seeds. 15.50

Vegan / Vegetarian

Gutti Vankaya Masala

Whole aubergines shallow fried, cooked with onions, tomatoes and an assortment of herbs and spices. A vegetarian splendour. 13.50

Bendakaya Pulusu

Kai Kurma

An exquisite preparation of green beans, garden peas and carrots with coconut milk and subtle spices. 12.95

Battani Godugula


A melange of seasonal vegetables, fresh coconut, curry leaves — deliciously simple and complex at the same time. 12.95


Indian basmati rice is the best in quality of this amazing food, coming straight, as it were from the fertile pastures in which they were grown. From this is added the tricky methods of preparation which produce such amazing results.

Thengai Annam

Basmati rice with grated coconut and mustard seeds. 3.95

Nimmakai Annam

Lemon juice, mustard seeds, lentils and curry leaves flavour this aromatic basmati rice preparation. 3.75


Steamed basmati rice. 3.50


Sada Dosa

A simple, thin crêpe of ground rice and lentils. 4.95


A soft, thin and savoury bread of gram flour with fenugreek. 4.95


Lacy, soft and bowl-shaped hoppers of fermented rice and coconut milk. 4.95

Siru Uttapam

Soft pancakes of ground rice and lentil with a variety of toppings — tomatoes, red onions and coconut. 4.95

Thosai Thattu

A delightful assortment of three different South Indian breads — Chilla, Appam and Siru Uttapam. 6.50

Paper Dosa

Crispy, delicate and paper-thin, this golden brown crêpe spans two to three feet. You have to see it to believe it! 7.95

Side Dishes

Keerai Kootu

Shredded spinach sautéed with grated coconut and subtle spices. Fresh and fragrant! 7.50


A nutritious delicacy of black chickpeas, tossed together with a hint of tomatoes, onions, herbs and spices. 7.50


A flavoursome Tamilian speciality of potatoes cooked with coconut, lentils and curry leaves. 7.50


Seasonal vegetables, lentils, tamarind and roasted spices, stewed together create this most popular South Indian staple. 7.50



A delectable jumble of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, radish, carrots and red onions with a sprinkling of spiced lemon juice. 4.95


Cucumber soaked in refreshing cool yoghurt, flavoured with cumin, mustard seeds and coriander. 4.95


Thengai Chutney

Made from fresh coconut, herbs and spices, this simple chutney is one of the most common condiments in Southern India. 3.50

Mysore Chutney

A spicy coconut chutney for those who like a bit of heat. 3.50

Manga Pickle

Spicy, salty, pickle made from unripe mangoes and red chillies. 3.50