About Dakhin

Authentic South Indian cuisine since 2004

Dakhin was the first authentic South Indian restaurant in Scotland.

Set amidst the centre of Glasgow’s Merchant city district, we offer diners a vast array of speciality dishes from India’s southern region. Our unique menu of chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetarian preparations have become favourites amongst the discerning customer.

Diners can also enjoy the views of an open plan kitchen where chefs prepare dishes and breads which are a sight to be enjoyed in their own right. This along with our relaxed stylish interior has earned Dakhin its reputation as one of the best South Indian restaurants in the UK.

A land with a unique cuisine...

Between the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean lies a tropical expanse of endless beaches, mountain ranges and plateaus crisscrossed by a maze of rivers. The region is as diverse as it is breathtaking. This is South India.

South India

An undiscovered experience...

Encompassing the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana, South India is a land with a unique cuisine. The food is light yet nourishing, subtle yet spicy and the combination of rice, coconut, lentils, and regional spices give South Indian food a distinctive taste easily differentiated from any other region of India.

We, at Dakhin, are proud to present an undiscovered experience in every meal.

An experience to be savoured & shared.

It’s an experience that has brought people back time and time again to discover dishes never before encountered in Scotland. Only the freshest ingredients sourced from Scotland and spices from India are used to prepare the vast array of dishes.

Our remarkable menu showcases traditional dishes from all over the Southern frontier of India.

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